Cleaning Your Commercial Washer Is The Most Important Monthly Maintenance Task You Can Do

Every time you use your commercial washing machine you add soap, dirt, and water (that contains trapped minerals) into your washing machine. If you don’t keep your washing machine clean, a thin film of soap, bacteria, and limescale can build-up inside reducing the life of the washing machine and also making your laundry detergent less effective

Maintain Commercial Washer Cleaner


Maintain Commercial Washer Cleaner


Liquid maintenance for any brand of commercial washing machine – descales and cleans. Use every month to extend the life of your commercial washer.

Powerful, Safe & Versatile Cleaner
Unity Maintain is a powerful, safe and versatile washing machine cleaner, descaler, and deodorizer all-in-one that helps extend the life and enhance the performance of your commercial washer.

Unity Maintain powerfully removes odor-causing residue and abrasive mineral buildup that reduces your commercial washer’s cleaning effectiveness and damages clothing.

Our multi-action liquid formula leaves no residue behind and effectively cleans your commercial washer. Unity Maintain contains no bleach or chemicals that can harm your washer or damage fabrics. Use monthly to maintain the long life of your commercial washer and to keep laundry amazingly clean and fresh!

Available in single unit purchase, monthly subscription, annual subscription (best savings!)

Features and details
  • Specially designed for commercial washers – works with any brand
  • Removes soap residue where bacteria can grow
  • Removes limescale
  • No mixing – no measuring. Dosage is specifically made for commercial washing machines
  • USE every month for best results

5 reasons why your commercial washer needs the perfect cleaner from Unity

washer cleaner

It is Powerful and Designed for Commercial Washers and it really works

Cleaners designed for home washers just won’t cut it for your commercial washer. A home washer is on average used only 3 times per week. Most commercial washers are used 8 times a day, 7 days a week. That is more than 50 more cycles a week. To clean a larger commercial washer you need a powerful cleaner that is designed for the job.

washer cleaner
washer cleaner

It Removes Detergent Buildup

Every time you use your washer a little detergent is left behind. Over time the detergent builds up as a residue that coats all the internal components of your washer.

This buildup can leave a residue on your laundry and also affect the performance and life of your commercial washer.

washer cleaner
washer cleaner

It helps remove bacteria

Washing machines are, by design, hot and humid environments and can become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and spread.

Trapped bacteria can clog the inner mechanisms of your washer and this film also traps odor particles, so your washer may start to harbor stinky smells. If it gets bad enough, this smell may even start to come off on your clothing.

washer cleaner
washer cleaner

It Removes Limescale

Limescale deposits (often referred to simply as “scale”) are caused by small amounts of naturally occurring minerals, which are present in all tap water supplies. Under certain conditions these minerals form deposits of Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Hydroxide and Calcium Sulphate on metal surfaces, particularly when heat is applied.

Limescale will build up slowly over time, gradually reducing the efficiency of your commercial washing machine and its service life. Limescale can also, in some cases, damage garments and laundry during a wash by causing unnecessary wear and tear.

washer cleaner
washer cleaner

Customers love it!

“I’m happy to say this liquid cleaner worked great! Our drum is crystal clean. The greatest part is it didn’t smell like vinegar or strong chemicals. It has a very clean citrus smell. I also love that it came in liquid form which meant there was no residue left behind which frequently happens when using powders or tablets. Having front load washers in conjunction with hard water is like a combo of two evils. This did clean the machine much better than I expected and refreshed our entire space!”

~ Claudia

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Learn why you should clean your commercial washing machine every month

Download our free guide and take a closer look inside your commercial washing machine and learn how to:

  • Extend the life of your expensive commercial washer
  • Prevent soap build-up
  • Prevent limescale build-up
  • Improve the performance of your washing machine
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